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Buon Affresco! - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We are now pleased to offer courses in the ancient painting style of Buon Affresco (true fresco) which will be taught by our accomplished and widely exhibited fresco artists.

Not to be confused with mural painting, this technique permits colour to be permanently fixed to a surface without a bonding agent such as oil or tempera. You will learn more about the chemical processes and the language of fresco during our course. The completed panels are portable allowing you to take your masterpiece home!

The earliest frescoes date from the Minoan period, around 2400 BC.The Etruscans used this process in their tomb painting and the Romans during their reign of the Empire. Evidence of its use has also been discovered in the East and found in Byzantine cloisters.

The golden age of the fresco was initiated by Giotto (1266-1337) and continued through a grand tradition of the Bottega to Michelangelo, Carraci up until the 18th century with Tiepolo.

In order to receive further details please contact us.


 Andrea Roggi: Sculptor Minimize
in_lav3 241X284.jpg
Andrea's gentle manner, sense of humour and mastery of his art make him an invaluable inspiration for those wishing to learn the art of sculpture.



Watch Andrea on

Sky Channel 853

every day 23.00-24.00

 Robert Hughes Minimize


rich4 306X350.jpg

We are proud to introduce Bob Hughes, a traditional and digital artist adult education Art tutor and painting demonstrator. Bob Hughes is also registered an an art instructor for the Cunard Ocean Liners..


Working in various mediums enhances your skill levels!

richlandscape 350X262.jpg

 Edi Magi: Ceramist Minimize

ec2 459 247X355.jpg

Local ceramist's elegant work reflects pieces depicting the natural wonders of the Tuscan Countryside and ethnic impressions of faraway lands. Truly, an artist with the ability to capture the best of both traditional and contemporary styles. Techniques include sgraffito, maiolica and relief panels. Every composition in her collection is handcrafted throughout the entire process from the raw clay to a timeless work of art.


 Italian Culture Minimize
Carla Castiglioni Sessi.jpg

Carla Castiglioni Sessi, born in Rignano sull'Arno, near Florence in 1942. Ph.D degree in Literature at the University of Florence.Special Italian courses for foreigners including Opera singers. Please enquire further..

 'Still Life'.. Minimize
Talented artist that specialises in
'Still Life' and 'portrait painting'. She enjoys the freedom to devote full time to her art. Her work is in private collections throughout the USA.

 Jane Goldberg Tip - Tap dancer Minimize

Jane Goldberg is a “rara avis”: a dancer who is also a writer.  

She has been one of the most prolific voices in the tap dancing field for the past four decades.  In 1970, after majoring in political science at Boston University, she began to watch the dancing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Their movies infected her imagination, and the “virus” spread throughout her body.  She began to study tap and write about dance for Boston After Dark, The Boston Phoenix, The Boston Globe, and when she moved to New York, The Village Voice.  As one of the tap renaissance’s key architects, she set out to revive interest in the art by combining her muckraking and artistic talents.

Ferreting out many of the remaining entertainment greats of the 20th century, Goldberg apprenticed herself to them and interviewed these remaining old time great hoofers, documenting their work.  Today, her archive, “Jane Goldberg’s Wandering Shoes, Tap (H) istory, Tip Top Tapes, Tapalogues, Tapology, and Tapperabilia” lives at Lincoln Center’s New York Public Library for Performing Arts as part of The Gregory Hines Tap Collection.

Goldberg has taught for twenty years at the New York University's dance education program, as well as given numerous perfomances, master classes, lecture demonstrations, and teaching assignments at Jacob's Pillow, The American Dance Festival, and American University.

 Meet the Artists.. Share your talent Minimize

We’re offering a workshop exclusively for artists to join together and exchange ideas. This is an ideal opportunity to learn from and be inspired by a creative pool of talent, crossing divisions of culture, language and differences of interpretation and technical styles.

 Miranda Minimize

 Students in a workshop Minimize

 Restoration Minimize
If you are interested in restoration we can offer the opportunity to join our team of skilled artists who are committed to preserving ancient frescoes and paintings which were once the pride of Castiglion Fiorentino. Paola Cardinali and her team will guide you through the delicate steps of restoring medieval paintings.

 Painting the Figure in the Landscape Minimize

 Bill Schneider:

William is a representational artist working in oil and pastel. He views figures, landscape, or still life as opportunities to explore the effects of light on form. Painting from life, he seeks to capture the emotion of a particular moment and place.




'Painting the Figure in the Landscape'


 Watercolor - Batik Minimize
Award winning watercolor, collage and batik artist.
Enjoy Kathie's original watercolor and batik
on rice paper technique.


 Impressionist.. Minimize
Lynn Gertenbach is a Signature member of the Oil Painters of America, the California Art Club and the Plein Air Painters of America. Learning to Partner with Nature is the warm feeling that Lynn passes on her students..

 The Power of Positive Painting! Minimize



Put Robert Maniscalco's 30 years of experience to work for you. His three day portrait painting workshops have lead to many successful painting careers all over North America. His "secrets" were no secret to the masters. Participants explore value-based "light on form" painting methods to create expressive, professional level portraits. Using live models, the focus is on gaining a deeper understanding of values to achieve form, character and likeness. Musicians have to train their ear and achieve a musical literacy; artists must train their eye to see the subtle changes in values and develop a visual sensitivity. Not hard once you know the trick to seeing like an artist sees. Most amateur artists focus on a color's hue, all the wonderful colors in the rainbow.

Robert's focus, however, is on breaking down the fundamentals, the ones many teachers tend to gloss over or skip altogether. Maybe they assume you know it because they do. It seems like magic, but it's not. This is where the magic (and true joy) of representational painting has to start, creating the illusion of form.

Robert will also get into the nuances of handling the brush and setting up, executing and recognizing the master-stroke. This is a great crash course in painting and drawing and all levels of experience are encouraged to participate. Robert breaks down the complex elements of painting and drawing so even an "art spirit" can understand it.

Considerations such as organic composition, responsive drawing with the brush, the use of "envelope" to analyze the essence of shape, expressive use of color, accurate color mixing, preparing an effective "Power Palette," adding rich halftones, building strong paint quality, varying edges, and achieving color harmony are all covered. Robert will help you on the road to developing your style by helping you identify your own priorities and vision for your work. Have you notice why many artists avoid the figure and the human head in their work? This course will give you the skill and confidence you need to bring life into your art. Maniscalco will also include plenty of professional tips unique to portraiture as a career.

The workshop will give participants lots of concrete information on how to paint fantastic professional portraits! Whether you're a beginner or a professional The Power of Positive Painting© is guaranteed to improve the way you paint! 

Many participants have repeated the workshops because there is always more to get from the Power of Positive Painting.





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  David Gollins Minimize

David’s work has been appreciated on an international scale. Annual exhibits of his work can be viewed in Tuscany and also Umbria, where he has resided for a number of years. He can be credited with founding the Watermill Theatre in which he also worked as a scene designer and producer. His role as a producer includes many years working with the English National Opera. His background as a theatre producer and scene designer where he was concerned with the dramatic effects of stage lighting have largely inspired his rich and luminous painting style. He studied the art of ‘Buon Affresco’ in Rome and used this ancient technique to pay homage to the Masters of the 17th and 18th centuries.



 Julia Perry Minimize
Julia Perry is a painting conservator and painter living and working in Italy. She came to Italy as a painting student from Rhode Island School of Design in 1985 to study Italian art. She felt so strongly about Italy and it's art that it she has stayed ever since. Fascinated by the painter's craft she decided to continue her studies in Florence, concentrating on painting restoration. Immediately after finishing her studies she began working on Fresco restoration in the Naples Cathedral. After which she moved to Umbria where she continued her restoration work. In Umbria she was honered to have worked intensively on paintings by great artists such as Giotto, Fra Angelico , Perugino and many others. In recent years she has concentrated her skills and knowledge of painting working as a decorative painter often in historical settings. She has also taught fresco making technique to students.

 Karin inspired by music Minimize


Karin is an extremely talented artist who takes her inspiration from classical music. She encourages her students to follow their spiritual and artistic impulses and to translate emotion and sentiment into visual images on canvas. She is sensitive to her students’ expectations of themselves and is expert at drawing out latent talent and encouraging confidence. She is an able communicator and a multi-lingual speaker, able to conduct classes in English, French and German. Available also for workshops in Zurich - Switzerland.

Wagner Siegfried 196X300.jpg




 Glass Mosaic by Marzia Minimize
6 247X319.jpg
My art emanates from the intensive study of ancient inspirational mosaic techniques. Whilst working with glass materials, I realised that, if used abiding to certain criteria, I could create very modern works of contemporary art. The methods of work I have elaborated and the results I now obtain finally satisfy me. Working on nude models, I attained two objectives. First of all, I improved my knowledge of proportions by studying human physiology. Secondly, I created soft works of art with flexible alignments, inventing new dynamic models.
23 Spiritualità br2.jpg

 Oil Painting Minimize


Scott Tallman..

Scott Tallman spent many years as an illustrator in a Chicago ad agency before pursuing his dream of a full-time fine artist. He is a board member and signature member of the Oil Painters of America. Scott is currently working as a fine artist and instructor at The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Art in Chicago as well as in workshops around the country and abroad.

 Jane Blank poet, script writer, actress Minimize


Jane has attracted a great deal of attention over the years and received numerous awards and prizes for her thought provoking and startling work.

Her touching yet agonizing exploration of obsessive female friendship is explored in her addictive novel ‘The
Geometry of Love’.

Jane’s collection of poems, shyly entitled ‘Naked Playing The Cello’ has been described as ‘uncomfortably blunt, sometimes heartbreakingly naive’ and revealing ‘an exquisitely controlled imagination’.

Her work has received vast attention and praise from many literary sources and reviewed in The Quarterly Review, The Observer Magazine and The Independent.

Whether you lack confidence, wish for expert guidance and feedback, are an established or semi-professional writer or would just love to meet like minded people… Jane will offer expert and sensitive tuition to enable you to express yourself more eloquently in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

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